Dimetrodon skeleton cast replica

Dimetrodon skeleton cast replica

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Dimetrodon, pronounced (die-MET-roh-don) which means ("two measures of teeth" so named because it had a large skull with two different types of teeth; shearing teeth and sharp canine teeth, unlike reptiles. Dentition showing this differentiation of teeth is called heterodonty).

Dimetrodon has a large sail which was probably used to regulate body temperature; the surface area would allow it to warm up or cool off more efficiently. Dimetrodon was not a dinosaur but a pelycosaur, an early synapsid (mammal-like reptile).

Dimetrodon skeleton resin & fiberglass

6.5 feet long (This will be shipped by freight truck. Crate size: 48L x 40W x 66H, Weight: 180 lbs)

Resin cast $3,400 plus shipping


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