Beagle Dog skull cast replica

Beagle Dog skull cast replica

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Beagle Dog skull

Domestic Dog Skull - Beagle, Canis familiaris

The Beagle is a small to medium-sized dog that is a member of the hound group. This dog is similar in appearance to the Foxhound. Like most dogs, beagles have an amazing sense of smell. This breed was developed primarily for tracking hare, rabbit, and other small game.

This specimen is from an old veterinary anatomist's private collection dating back the the 1970's. This collection was the work of Dr. A. Wattson. These specimens are from a veterinary anatomist's private collection most of which contain specimen information such as where the animal was collected, age, sex, ect

This skull is that of a younger animal, and shows dentition of an adolescent dog.


CLASS: Mammalia
ORDER: Carnivora
FAMILY: Canidae

Skull Length: 17.3 cm (6.8 in)
Skull Width: 8.2 cm (3.2 in)
Skull Height: 8 cm (3.1 in)

We are offering the original skull for sale $295, or cast replica $125 (plus shipping)

Age 31-2 weeks (8 months)

This skull was beautifully molded and cast from our original skull. We hope this skull will help educate veterinarians and the public alike. By providing high quality cast replicas the sale and trade of real skulls is no longer necessary.

My profits from the sale of this cast replica will go to help low income families spay and neuter dogs and cats of all breeds. We also vaccinate, and find safe loving homes for strays.

Are you looking for a cast replica dog skull of another breed? We have them. Just ask!

Please allow 30 days for delivery of this item.

In an effort to help stray and homeless dog populations we will donate a portion of our sales of dog and cat casts to people and organizations that spay, neuter,  foster and rehome stray dogs and cats.