1963 Graves Bigfoot cast replica track
1963 Graves Bigfoot cast replica track

1963 Graves Bigfoot cast replica track

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Bigfoot Graves Footprint 1963*

This footprint was found by Pat Graves on Laird Meadow Road, near Bluff Creek, California in 1963*. During a conversation, Pat mentioned to Roger Patterson he had found the tracks just the day before. Roger hurried to the location, hoping to see the footprints himself; what he found was extraordinary.

The creature that made the tracks came down from a mountain, crossed Laird Meadow Road, continued down an old logging landing, and finally disappeared over a bank and into the woods, with an average stride of 52 inches. Each footprint was 17 inches long and 5 wide at the heel. The tracks were imprinted an inch and a half deep, far deeper than Roger's own footprints. Evidence of a flexible foot was seen in the prints, particularly when the foot had stepped on small rocks; the toes curled over them.

Patterson then made casts of the footprints. This is one of the casts made; it was left by the right foot. The life form that made this footprint is presumed to be a (large) male sasquatch, who's tracks were found in the area on several other occasions ranging in time from 1958 to 1963.

Please note that each cast is sold separately.  

* A mistake found throughout the literature, namely that the Graves Laird Meadow cast was made in 1964. In reality, Roger Patterson scratched the date into the original cast, and it clearly says October 21, 1963, as the date of the casting.   Thanks to Loren Coleman (May 16, 2013) for clearing this up.

Our Bigfoot casts have been featured on several TV programs and museum exhibits including Ripley's Believe it or Not! and numerous Bigfoot documentaries and television shows.