Neanderthal Skeleton Cast replica Kebara 2 Hominid

Neanderthal Skeleton Cast replica Kebara 2 Hominid

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Kebara 2 (or Kebara Mousterian Hominid 2KMH2) is a 60,000 year-old Levantine Neanderthal mid-body male skeleton. It was discovered in 1983 by Ofer Bar-YosefBaruch Arensburg, and Bernard Vandermeersch in a Mousterian layer of Kebara CaveIsrael. To the excavators, its disposition suggested it had been deliberately buried,[1] though like every other putative Middle Palaeolithic intentional burial, this has been questioned.[2][3]

This is a cast replica of the skeleton as it was found in the ground.

This is a fiberglass and resin cast replica. It is oversized item and there may be an additional shipping cost for shipment outside of the USA.

Panel cast measures 30 inches high by 25 inches wide.  Approximately 4" thick.