Wolf footprint cast replica
Wolf footprint cast replica
Wolf footprint cast replica
Wolf footprint cast replica
Wolf footprint cast replica

Wolf footprint cast replica

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Wolf Plaster Animal Track Cast Print 5.25" x 5.25" Real Track from Alaska Print

Perfect for your favorite wolf lover! Hunters, nature lovers, and zoo-goers! Great for schools with this as their mascot, or for a teacher, student, teammate, or coach! 

Each track cast is handmade from a wolf print that was taken from prints near Haines, Alaska. 

Each is unique and may have some marks or dings. 

Cast measures 5 1/4" x 5 1/4" 

Each track has a hanger or twine on the back, so you can hang it on the wall, lay it flat as a paperweight, or put it on a stand that you supply. 

I have black bear prints, grizzly bear prints, wolf prints, polar bear prints, and mountain lion prints. 

This is the cast of the fierce and elusiveo Wolf, Canis lupus.

The track from which it came was found on
the banks of the Chilkat River in Southeast Alaska.

This is a cast from the track
of the impressive Mountain Lion,
"Puma concolor."
Also called Cougar and Panther,
it is known for its almost mythic stealth and
power as a predator.

An Authentic Piece of the Wild!

This item will be cast in plaster, ultra-cal, hydrostone (or similar based on material availability). Each is guaranteed to arrive to you safely.

The wolf (Canis lupus), also known as the gray wolf or grey wolf, is a large canine native to Eurasia and North America. More than thirty subspecies of Canis lupus have been recognized, and gray wolves, as colloquially understood, comprise non-domestic/feral subspecies. The wolf is the largest extant member of the family Canidae, males averaging 40 kg (88 lb) and females 37 kg (82 lb). Wolves measure 105–160 cm (41–63 in) in length and 80–85 cm (31–33 in) at shoulder height. The wolf is also distinguished from other Canis species by its less pointed ears and muzzle, as well as a shorter torso and a longer tail. The wolf is nonetheless related closely enough to smaller Canis species, such as the coyote and the golden jackal, to produce fertile hybrids with them. The banded fur of a wolf is usually mottled white, brown, gray, and black, although subspecies in the arctic region may be nearly all white.

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