Edmontosaurus XL Jaw cast replica Dinosaur

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Edmontosaurus jaw. Recently we had the honor of molding the largest Edmontosaurus duckbilled dinosaur skull in the world.  This jaw comes from that  skeleton

Measures ____.

Some photos show the mandible cast prior to being painted.

Skull and Neck vertebra are also available 

This item is not kept in stock and may require several months production time.

Custom painting available.  

Edmontosaurus annectens is a species of flat-headed and duck-billed dinosaur from the very end of the Cretaceous Period, in what is now North America. Remains of E. annectens have been preserved in the Frenchman, Hell Creek, and Lance Formations.

Other names:

Anatotitan (Latin anas ("duck") and the Greek Titan, meaning large), was known and published as in the popular literature by 1990.