Einiosaurus Adult skull cast replica

Einiosaurus Adult skull cast replica

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Einiosaurus : Adult Einiosaurus Skull


From the tip of the nose horn to the tip of the frill horn (straight line measurement) is approx 49" in length. At its widest, the skull is about 24"

The height on the stand is roughly 49" at the back of the skull. It is on a removable steel base.

$5,995 plus $200 US shipping (please contact us for shipping cost outside the US)


We have several adult and baby skulls to choose from.

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Note: Photo is of the original fossil. The original fossil is also for sale. Please contact us for more information.

Einiosaurus procurvicornis - Skull cast replica and real skulls and skeletons available

 is a medium-sized centrosaurine ("short-frilled") ceratopsian from the Upper Cretaceous (Campanian stage) of northwestern Montana. The name means 'buffalo lizard', in a combination of Blackfeet Indian and Latinized Ancient Greek and the specific name (E. procurvicornis) means 'forward-curving horn' in Latin and Ancient Greek.

Einiosaurus was a herbivorous dinosaur and grew to 6 m (19.8 ft) in length. It is typically portrayed with a low, strongly forward-curving nasal horn that resembles a bottle opener, though this may only occur in some adults, and as seen in this photo has not yet curved in this individual.

Supraorbital (over-the-eye) horns are low and rounded if present at all, as opposed to ceratopsids with prominent supraorbital horns such as Triceratops. A pair of large spikes projects backward from the relatively small frill.

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