Gorilla Skull cast replica BC-036 updated 2023

Gorilla Skull cast replica BC-036 updated 2023

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Male Gorilla Skull, X-large

BC-036 Bone Clones


Gorillas are the largest of the world primates, weighing 300-400 lbs. The adult male gorilla stands 4 to 6' when standing erect on slightly bowed legs, and may have an arm span over 8 1/2' and a chest circumference of almost 60". While excellent climbers, they are primarily terrestrial. Their large heads possess prominent brow ridges, a forward-projecting jaw, forward-facing wide-set eyes, very small ears and a wide flat nose with broadly flared nostrils. Each gorilla's nose print is unique. Adult gorillas have 32 teeth. Both sexes have sharp prominent canines but the male's are proportionately larger. Their molars are broad and flat in keeping with their tough fibrous, primarily vegetarian diet. 2-part skull (separate cranium & jaw). 


A custom metal display stand is available below. Original skull is courtesy of the Philadelphia Zoo.