1967 Bigfoot cast Hodgson print (1967)
1967 Bigfoot cast Hodgson print (1967)
1967 Bigfoot cast Hodgson print (1967)
1967 Bigfoot cast Hodgson print (1967)
1967 Bigfoot cast Hodgson print (1967)

1967 Bigfoot cast Hodgson print (1967)

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"This is a duplicate cast of a 13" Bigfoot footprint that was cast in 10/67 by Al Hodgson, Willow Creek resident whom I have known for about 25 years. As most followers of Bigfoot know, the Patterson-Gimlin pictures were filmed in Bluff Creek, about 25 miles from Willow Creek. Patterson and Gimlin said that Al was the first person they told about their filming upon returning to Willow Creek from their famous sighting on 10/20/67. Whether you are a Bigfoot Believer or Bigfoot Skeptic, this is a great conversation piece and collector's item. Unless you are Searching for Squatch this cast is probably as close to a Bigfoot as you will ever get. I know Al to be a person of integrity and trust the authenticity of the cast. Bigfoot's authenticity, as you know, has been under discussion for many years."

A copy of the documentation from Albert Hodgson states: 

"This is a copy of a cast made from a Bigfoot track that I found on a little sand-gravel bar adjacent to Bluff Creek, in October 1963.  Just upstream from this location, October 20, 1967.  This is about fifty miles north of Willow Creek in the Six Rivers National Forest, in California.  

I have seen Bigfoot tracks five times.  One occasion there were three sets of tracks together.  I also found what I believed to be a knee print beside a still pool of water next to a creek.

Back in the forties, people in our little valley heard strange cries, no one had heard anything like it.  If it was an animal no one could identify it.  One local man said he thought it was a bear with a broken jaw.  All summer long these big human-like tracks were seen down the dusty country road.  One young girl ten or twelve years old ran upon it in a berry patch on her way home from a neighbors house.  She said it looked like a great big hairy man.  

A few months ago a friend confided in me that she had seen one when they were camping.  She was looking down the hill watching her son ride his motorbike up the hill to where they were camped.  Suddenly she realized something was chasing him.  When they got nearer she could see the golden hair flowing on the back of its head.  She was close enough to give a good description of it.  

The number of tracks found in the northwest is staggering and actual sightings of these amazing elusive creatures would astound you.

Albert Hodgeson

*I have corrected punctuation and spelling errors from Mr. Hodgsons original writing.

Hodgson Bigfoot cast replica print.