Albertosaurus Jaw cast replica reproduction dinosaur fossil cast Gorgosaurus Taylor Made Fossils

Albertosaurus Jaw cast replica reproduction dinosaur fossil cast Gorgosaurus Taylor Made Fossils

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Albertosaurus Jaw cast replica

Jaw cast of an Albertosaurus from the carnosaur of Cretaceous Alberta.

Resin cast replica measures:  28 inches long

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30 X 30 X 17 and weight 16 lbs. UPS $50 oversize charge applies.  This is added to the item price (it will display as $230 total in the shipping cart).

DINOSAUR of Cretaceous Alberta (Canada).
Royal Ontario Museum skeleton.
Albertosaurus is a genus of tyrannosaurid theropod dinosaurs that lived in western North America during the Late Cretaceous Period. The type species, A. sarcophagus, was apparently restricted in range to the modern-day Canadian province of Alberta, after which the genus is named, although an indeterminate species ("cf. Albertosaurus sp.") has been discovered in the Corral de Enmedio and Packard Formations in Mexico.

Scientists disagree on the content of the genus, with some recognizing Gorgosaurus libratus as a second species.

As a tyrannosaurid, Albertosaurus was a bipedal predator with tiny, two-fingered hands and a massive head that had dozens of large, sharp teeth. It may have been at the top of the food chain in its local ecosystem. While Albertosaurus was large for a theropod, it was much smaller than its larger and more famous relative Tyrannosaurus rex, growing 9 to 10 m (30 to 33 ft) and possibly weighing 2.5 tons (2.8 short tons) or less.

Since the first discovery in 1884, fossils of more than 30 individuals have been recovered, providing scientists with a more detailed knowledge of Albertosaurus anatomy than is available for most other tyrannosaurids. The discovery of 26 individuals at one site provides evidence of pack behavior and allows studies of ontogeny and population biology, which are impossible with lesser-known dinosaurs.

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Gorgosaurus and Albertosaurus are extremely similar, distinguished mainly by subtle differences in the teeth and skull bones. Some experts consider G. libratus to be a species of Albertosaurus; this would make Gorgosaurus a junior synonym of that genus.

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