Alligator skeleton in matrix cast replica

Alligator skeleton in matrix cast replica

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Alligator skeleton in matrix cast replica


The original was discovered in the Green River Formation

 Tsoabichi is an extinct genus of caimanine crocodylian. Fossils are known from the Green River Formation in Wyoming, and date back to the Ypresian stage of the Eocene (Wasatchian stage of North American age). The genus was named and described in 2010 by paleontologist Christopher A. Brochu, with the type species being Tsoabichi greenriverensis.[2] According to the current understanding of caiman evolutionary relationships, Tsoabichi is a basal member of Caimaninae and may have evolved after caimans dispersed into North America from northern and central South America, their main center of diversity in the Cenozoic.

Fossil cast replics Alligator measures 30 inches long.

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