Bigfoot Map of Oregon (folded form)
Bigfoot Map of Oregon (folded form)

Bigfoot Map of Oregon (folded form)

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BIGFOOT Map of Oregon folded form.

This 24"x 36" full color map is folded into a plastic sleeve and printed on one side, giving the locations and descriptions of over 1000 BIGFOOT encounters, 535 sightings, and 230 track discoveries. Many accounts are by trained, professional observers, such as doctors, police, and wildlife biologists. Read these recollections and determine for yourself whether all of these people having close encounters with BIGFOOT are crazy. As you travel these Oregon roads, see where these encounters happened for yourself. Information given by over 100 named witnesses of Sasquatch is included.

This map is sure to start lively discussions and instigate spontaneous side trips to visit another beautiful section of BIGFOOT country!