Bigfoot: Magazine Skeptical Inquirer 2024
Bigfoot: Magazine Skeptical Inquirer 2024

Bigfoot: Magazine Skeptical Inquirer 2024

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Discover the latest edition of Skeptical Inquirer Magazine featuring an in-depth analysis of the creature Bigfoot. This issue is a must-have for enthusiasts of the paranormal and the unknown. Explore the theories surrounding this elusive creature and the evidence that has been presented over the years.

With a publication month of January / February 2024, this brand new issue is the perfect addition to any collection. Take a deep dive into the world of skepticism and join the conversation with like-minded individuals. Don't miss out on this opportunity to expand your knowledge and explore the unknown.

"In our cover story, Ben Radford asks, “Is Bigfoot Dead?” In the article, before considering the evidence, we first encounter a history of key developmental milestones, such as Bigfoot’s 1958 birth in the pages of the Humboldt Times based on footprints discovered in California. In the years that followed, the idea of Bigfoot continued to develop with evidence such as the 1967 film of the beast’s stroll through a forest (fortunately captured on a nearby camera by two men trying to film a Bigfoot). Skeptical Inquirer wasn’t yet around to report on Bigfoot’s first steps, but reporting was well underway by the time he reached maturity."

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