Clearance / Damaged Bigfoot Patterson "Patty #2" track footprint cast

Clearance / Damaged Bigfoot Patterson "Patty #2" track footprint cast

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Clearance / Broken can be easily glued for a great discount


It has great surface detail and is excellent for studying the elusive Bigfoot.

This track measures almost 16 inches long!

You will not find a better quality Bigfoot casts anywhere!

Patterson/Gimlin Film "Bluff Creek" or "Patty" Bigfoot Cast / Patterson Bigfoot print replica 1967

Here is the footprint that started it all! Available now is the famous "Bluff Creek" (or "Patty") footprint cast. The Patterson print was made after Roger Patterson filmed his famous Bigfoot video in October 1967 in the Bluff Creek sandbar.

Meldrum: "Patterson-Gimlin Film Subject. On October 20, 1967, Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin claimed to have captured on film a female Bigfoot retreating across a loamy sandbar on Bluff Creek, in northern California. The film provides a view of the plantar surface of the subject's foot, as well as several unobstructed views of step cycles. In addition to a prominent elongated heel, a midtarsal break is apparent during midstance and considerable flexion of the midtarsus can be seen during the swing phase. The subject left a long series of deeply impressed footprints. Patterson cast single examples of a right and a left footprint. The next day the site was visited by Robert Laverty, a timber management assistant and his sales crew. He took several photographs including one of a footprint exhibiting a pronounced pressure ridge in the midtarsal region. This same footprint, along with nine others in a series, was cast two weeks later by Bob Titmus, a Canadian taxidermist."

Our Bigfoot casts have been featured on several TV programs and museum exhibits including Ripley's Believe it or Not! and numerous Bigfoot documentaries and television shows.

Each cast sold separately 


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