(Copy) Death Mask of Dante Alighieri Bust Statue Italian Divine Comedy The Inferno Poet

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Dante Alighieri 1265 - 1321 Italian Poet, Statesman, and Political Theorist.
Dante Alighieri, probably baptized Durante di Alighiero degli Alighieri and often referred to simply as Dante, was an Italian poet, writer and philosopher. 
Born: 1265, Florence, Italy
Died: September 14, 1321, Ravenna, Italy
Full name: Durante degli Alighieri
P.P. Caproni & Brother BOSTON Cast Plaster Bust Dante Alighieri 13" TALL
Molded from an original cast dated from the 1920'S.

13 Inches High x 16.375 Inches Wide x 9 Inches Deep

A bust of Dante Alighieri, the Medieval Italian poet. The original is believed to be modeled after a death mask (which some researchers have recently considered may not be a mask but a fragment from a now lost sepulchral effigy). The mask is in the Museo di Palazzo Vecchio in Florence.

The mask is life size of Dante Alighieri. 
This cast is Not available for sale anywhere else. 

Cast is available in white, stained brown or gold. It can be made in plaster or resin for a slight upcharge. Please allow 15 days production time.  

This casting will be packed very carefully in a strong sturdy box for shipping anywhere in the world. Returns are accepted if the face casting was damaged during the shipment.

Production time is Approximately 15 BUSINESS DAYS. 

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