Copy of 1962 Loren Coleman Decatur Illinois Sasquatch track cast replica

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Extremely Rare NAPE Track Cast.  Loren Coleman 1962 Decatur, Illinois Sasquatch case.

This is Zack Clothier's Reconstruction of Loren Coleman's "NAPE" (North American Ape) Footprint/track cast replica.  

This footprint was allegedly discovered in a side branch (a dry creek bed) of Steven's Creek, near Decatur, Illinois and was documented by Loren Coleman in 1962.   Believed to be North American Ape (NAPE).  During his investigation of a wave of sightings of an upright bipedal chimpanzee-like creature.  The track Coleman documented was old and heavily weathered.  See Loren Coleman's "Cryptozoology A to Z" for full case details.  

This is a reconstruction of the track as it might have originally appeared, based on the original weathered track.  It was created and sold by Zack Clothier many years ago

The track cast measures 9 1/2 inches long by 6 inches wide and 1 inch thick.