(Copy) Skull Cast Replica Peruvian Elongated Skull (not an Alien)

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Cranial deformation skull from Peru.

Camacho #18 This cast is of a female skull from Parachas, Peru of about 2000 years ago. Collected by Juan Navarro Hierro for the Parachas History Museum, Inca and Older Cultures, of Parachas, Peru. 


Shrunken Heads, Oddities & Curiosities.

My friend Joe Taylor analyzed, molded, and reproduced the original skull.  





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The Paracas culture was an Andean society existing between approximately 800 BCE and 100 BCE, with an extensive knowledge of irrigation and water management and that made significant contributions in the textile arts. It was located in what today is the Ica Region of Peru. Most information about the lives of the Paracas people comes from excavations at the large seaside Paracas site on the Paracas Peninsula, first formally investigated in the 1920s by Peruvian archaeologist Julio Tello.