Mountain Lion footprint cast replica Mt Lion

Mountain Lion footprint cast replica Mt Lion

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Mountain Lion Plaster Animal Track Cast Print

Real Track from ___ Print

Perfect for your favorite cat and Lion lover! Hunters, nature lovers, and zoo-goers! Great for schools with this as their mascot, or for a teacher, student, teammate, or coach! 

Each track cast is handmade from a Mountain Lion print that was taken from actual prints in ___. 

Each is unique and may have some marks or dings. 

Cast measures  ______" 

Each track has a hanger or twine on the back, so you can hang it on the wall, lay it flat as a paperweight, or put it on a stand that you supply. 

I have black bear prints, grizzly bear prints, wolf prints, polar bear prints, and mountain lion prints. 



An Authentic Piece of the Wild!

This item will be cast in plaster, ultra-cal, hydrostone (or similar based on material availability). Each is guaranteed to arrive to you safely.