Seymouria skeleton fossil cast replica

Seymouria skeleton fossil cast replica

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Seymouria fossil skeleton cast replica. The skeleton cast replica is made of fiberglass and resin. Jeans handmade and hand-painted.

Size: 610 mm x 340 mm (*staff please verify*)
Locality: Red Beds, Texas, USA


When not in stock please allow approximately 20 days for production


Seymouria is an extinct genus of Seymouriamorph from the Early Permian of North America and Europe.[1] Although they were amphibians (in a biological sense), Seymouria were well-adapted to life on land, with many reptilian features—so many, in fact, that Seymouria was first thought to be a primitive reptile.[2][3] It is primarily known from two species, Seymouria baylorensis[4] and Seymouria sanjuanensis.[5] The type species, S. baylorensis, is more robust and specialized, though its fossils have only been found in Texas.[6] On the other hand, Seymouria sanjuanensis is more abundant and widespread. This smaller species is known from multiple well-preserved fossils, including a block of six skeletons found in the Cutler Formation of New Mexico,[7] and a pair of fully grown skeletons from the Tambach Formation of Germany, which were fossilized lying next to each other.[8]


Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Order: Seymouriamorpha
Family: Seymouriidae
Genus: Seymouria
Broili, 1904