T.rex hand claw cast replica

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Dinosaur skull cast replica

T.rex skull cast replica 

When CSI needed a T-rex skull to bite down on a dummy they called us.

Available for the first time here is a copy of the skull used on the tv show CSI in the Cold Blooded episode.

Life size (1:1 scale) complete T.rex skull.

Tyrannosaurus rex (skull & jaws)

Resin 50 x 36 x 36 inches

Rental price: $1,000 per month plus shipping.


Purchase price :$4,995 plus shipping

(Approximately $300 shipping within the U.S. Please contact us for shipping cost outside the U.S.)


Various stands available.

This skull is also available for rent.

Please call (314) 556-0650 or email us for more information or photos

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