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Here is a Bigfoot print found by Bob Titmus.

It is labeled (on the back of our original) "Titmus / Gimlin print".

It also includes the following information: "It was found October 29, 1967, in Bluff Creek, California"

This cast measures 14 inches long and 5 3/4 inches wide at its widest point.

In personal communication, Loren Coleman has recently (5/17/13) stated that this cast and the Patterson "Patty" cast (above) "....appear to be different merely due to copying processes. Or as Cliff Barackman stated it simply to [Loren] in an email, "These two are the same, just different generations of the same cast."

We provide them both here as they show varying degrees of detail in different parts of each print.

We appreciated Mr. Coleman's expertise and information in regards to this issue.

Titmus / Gimlin print