Triceratops Baby Nose Horn cast replica TMF

Triceratops Baby Nose Horn cast replica TMF

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Triceratops horridus. From the massive 3-horned quadruped plant-eater of the late Cretaceous North America. 

Like antlers and horns on modern-day mammals, Triceratops horns were probably used more for show (and thus mate selection) than for defense. But if you would rather forget we said that and instead reminisce on the more romantic "T. rex versus Triceratops" concept, we'll understand. And it's important to remember that much speculation goes into recreating the life of dinosaurs so Triceratops may have indeed defended itself with those massive, reinforced horns.

Triceratops of course had three horns, two on its brow and another smaller horn behind its snout. When you hold these giant bones in your hands, consider that only the inner cores are preserved as fossils. In life, these structures would have been sheathed in a hard, shiny horn. Truly this was an awesome tool for one incredible dinosaur.

Juvenile nose horn to a Triceratops Dinosaur.


Species; Triceratops.

Formation; Hell Creek

Location; North of Baker Montana

Size Approx. ___ in length

Cast replica 

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