Trilobite: Asaphus punctatus Trilobite cast replica
Trilobite: Asaphus punctatus Trilobite cast replica

Trilobite: Asaphus punctatus Trilobite cast replica

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Trilobite cast replicas each sold seperatly.

On the left: Asaphus punctatus

This Russian Trilobite has 2 large sensory projectiles rising from the head area and is oblong in shape and more compacted than other trilobites. Geologic strata: Wolchow River Basin
Geologic timeframe: Ordovician
Item Location: The original was discovered in Wolchow River Basin, Russia (obtained when Russia was in a communist state

The original was in outstanding condition. Another partial trilobite can be seen by its left side.

Taylor Made Fossils molded these beautiful trilobites in the summer of 2008. They were both in very nice condition, well restored with every appendage visible and clear. Either of these casts will add to anyone’s trilobite collection.

The original fossils (pictured) that these were molded from are now sold, but resin cast replicas are available for $20 for an unpainted cast or $35 for the painted version.

Trilobite Tuesday 

Trilobite means three lobes, and their exoskeletons are divided into-you guessed it!-three parts lengthwise. The middle (axial) lobe protected the digestive system while the outer (pleural) lobes are where the legs attached.

This specimen shows that these animals are also divided into three major sections, starting with the head (cephalon) then the accordion-looking thorax, pygidium bringing up the rear.

This now-extinct group of marine arthropods roamed the oceans for years. Simple but successful.

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